About Chef Ras

CEO and Founder Norris Barr was born into poverty in Kingston, Jamaica he is the oldest out 7 children 4 girls 3 boys all raised by single mother and grandmother. Norris developed a love for cooking at a tender age while cooking with friends for "running a boat" a Jamaican term for a "pot luck".

"Friends would gather ingredients to make a dish so we all could eat." says Norris.

After traveling to America Norris started cooking at varies Jamaican Restaurants until he moved to Washington, DC where he met an old Rastafari man who taught him the Art of cooking authentic Caribbean dishes. From that time Norris fell in love with his customers telling him how good the food is. Norris started taking cooking very seriously and started loving and enjoying it. So, he made that his dream to be the "More Wicked than the Rest". Meaning he wanted to be better than anybody else when it came to his passion. After spending several more years in D.C Norris moved to Killeen, TX. Where he meets a guy while dining at a restaurant. This stranger, asked Norris, "What do you do?" Norris, let the man know that he is a cook and invited him to his home to enjoy one of his dishes. After one bite, the man was convinced he wanted to open a restaurant with Norris.

Norris, new to the area meeting new people every day, met a woman named Gwen who introduced him to all the people that she felt he should know in the area. Because he is from Jamaican she felt he should have a nickname. So, she looked at him and said I am going to name you Ras and since you are a Chef I will call you Chef Ras and that is how Chef Ras was born.

From there Chef Ras and new-found business partner opened their restaurant which was his first establishment. After some time, Chef Ras decided to go his own way to pursue his dream of owning his own restaurant. Chef Ras worked as a freelancer cooking at events, clubs, bars, storefronts you name it. Chef Ras was building his brand and getting his authentic taste out.

After a year, Ras found a location to call his own however he spent a traditional 8 months getting the establishment up and running. Which you all know as Chef Ras Kitchen 515 s 2nd Street Killeen, TX Located right outside of Fort Hood, TX.